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What is a Treatment Plan?

And why do I need one?

Chinese Medicine & Acupuncture has been practiced for thousands of years!  And it has stuck around because it works! Being treated with acupuncture is a process.  The dosage of acupuncture depends on depend on many factors. Chronic complaints will most likely need longer courses of treatments.  Acute issues will most likely need fewer treatments, but may be bundled more closely together. It is very rare for any acupuncturist to be able to resolve a problem with one treatment. Acupuncture has the most dynamic results through cumulative and frequent treatments. In fact, most acupuncture research studies are based on acupuncture treatments that are administered at least 2-3 times per week, if not daily. You wouldn’t take one dose of antibiotics just once a week for 10 weeks or your nutritional supplement once a week to gain its beneficial effects…would you?

Treatment plans lay out the care we anticipate is needed to achieve our treatment goals and get you feeling better!   They help us to make sure we are continuing to make progress and create clear expectations, and so you are informed about what you are signing up for. Generally, a typical course of treatment for an uncomplicated problem is 6-12 visits and, while some folks will have immediate relief, most people notice an improvement within 4-6 visits. A series of treatments is generally required to resolve the majority of conditions; the length and frequency of the treatment plan is based on the severity and chronicity of the conditions being treated.


At the end of your treatment plan, we will evaluate the success of the plan by repeating the same questions, and exams we performed in the initial visit. This will allow us to measure the amount of change between these two visits.  At this time, we will set a new treatment plan and create new treatment goals. This will be informed by how much progress was made in the first treatment plan. At this point, we will have lots of new information about your condition, how you are responding to treatment, what new goals we should set, or if we need to change direction.


It is possible that after the first treatment plan or second treatment plan, we have met all of our goals. HIVE FIVE! At this point, we’ll talk about getting you on a Maintenance, Wellness & Prevention Plan. This plan has less frequent visits, like one or two times per month.





Depending on how and what you are presenting with during your first visit, you will most likely fall into the first level of care and treatment. Level 1 objective is to relieve you of your problem so you feel better…pretty simple. Depending on the severity of your problem, it is typical to need care more frequently at this level: 1-3  times a week for 3-4 weeks. Then we will re-evaluate and decide if more relief is needed, or if it is time to move onto Level 2: Maintenance, Wellness & Prevention.



At this point, you have made the commitment to your health, and your original issue has been resolved or the problem has been significantly reduced. Don’t throw it all away! To avoid any recurrence of health issues in the future, periodic “tune-ups” are important to maintain corrective changes, prevent further issues, and sustain a healthy mind and body. Sometimes the body needs little reminders to stay on its healthy track. Usually, these treatments are performed 1-2 per month, or as frequently as you would like.

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