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Look Better and Feel Better with Cosmetic Acupuncture

I remember my friends joking their 20’s about getting a cosmetic “overhaul” when they turned 40. I laughed alongside them, but really, I was just confused and honestly a little scared. What was gonna happen at 40?! Could it be THAT bad? Were they really going to get a facelift?! In the 80’s that’s what movie stars got. Honestly, that seemed like crazy talk, but I also I was wanted to be a fresh-faced 40 year old!

I was not big on self-care in my 20’s. I was more concerned with collecting good times; late nights, and loud concerts. It sure was fun.  Now that I am in my late 30’s I wish I had been a bit more “proactive” earlier on. At 30, I started to notice all those crow’s feet had made little crow feet babies. So, I finally started trying out all the eye serums, night creams, and face masks.  I even got twisted up in the Arbonne game for a while.  MLM’s were definitely not my game.


There was a valuable lesson learned in those Arbonne days though.  I learned that not all products are created equal. Products that flood the cosmetic markets are often filled will all sorts of scary stuff, and sketchy regulations for labeling.  It was eye opening. I didn’t dig the idea of looking younger at the expense of toxins being seeped into my body via my skin.


Needless to say, options like Botox were also off the table.  There is no way I am going to voluntarily inject a neurotoxin into my body!


Fast forward 7 years to a major lifestyle and career change and handfuls of new wrinkles. I am stoked to have found Cosmetic Acupuncture!  Needles that promise to keep my skin glowing and growing collagen!  No paralysis my facial muscles and flatted facial expressions.


Here’s the deal.


Cosmetic Acupuncture isn’t a quick fix, it is more like a gym class for your face. Show up for your facial workout, which really just requires you to lay on a heated bed and zen-out as the needles and the acupuncturist does all the work.  Now, that’s my kind gym class!


Generally, you need 8-12 weekly sessions to get the desired results. Then, you back off to monthly maintenance treatments.  The treatments include a full body acupuncture treatment, so more than just that furrowed brow is getting healther.  Acupuncture is a holistic medicine addressing the whole person.  That means there is no separation of inside and outside.  If there is an imbalance on the inside it will show up on the outside.  Cosmetic acupuncture addresses it all!


The treatments include facial cupping and jade gua-sha!  The needles are surprising relaxing, but the cupping and gua-sha are a little slice of heaven.  The treatment finishes with some facial oils, leaving you floating and glowing.


But for real, what are these little needles really doing?


Tiny little needles are inserted to specific areas of the face to stimulates muscles that have lost tone, and into fine lines and wrinkles to increase blood flow and collagen formation. This is the weight lifting part of your workout!


Hand blown glass facial cups are used on the face and neck to reduce wrinkles, lift and rejuvenate the skin. This treatment uses gentle suction cups to drain lymph and move stagnate fluids, which in turn helps reduce puffiness. The blood flow is improved, and nutrients flood the dermis improving elasticity overall tone of the skin. This is the stretching portion of your facial workout.


Facial gua-sha is done using a tool made out of jade: a naturally cool stone which calms your skin and feels particularly wonderful at the end of a stimulating treatment. We massage the face, neck, and head with this tool to relax the facial muscles because the skin does not lay correctly on tense muscles.  Definitely my favorite part of the whole experience.  I would like this to the massage you treat yourself to after workout.


Now this is what 40 should look like!  It is more than looking good, it’s about feeling good too.  Your appearance is rooted in your overall health. If you feel good, you look good!  Evolved self-care!  Sure, shooting yourself up with Botox is an easy fix, but it definitely doesn’t address your overall health and well-being.  This is the lesson I was yearning for at 20.  I figured it out eventually, and journey was a good time.I hope this finds you when you need it.

 Isn’t selfcare the damn best! 


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