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Quill Inks

  • Marijuana-derived products, CBD and THC, have taken the market by storm! All of a sudden, they are everywhere; even in the impulse-buy section at your local grocery store. Marijuana products aren’t something that you just smoke anymore. Now you can eat them, swallow them in a concentrated pill form, drink them in Kombucha, coffee, or tea, or rub them on your body in lotions and salves.

  • Easy to make and a great way to cut down on plastic.

  • It wasn’t until I found acupuncture that I realized I didn’t have to live with headaches and handfuls of Excedrin.  Sure, I still get headaches from time to time, but now when I feel a headache coming on, I know I have options!  Generally a visit to my acupuncturist annihilates a debilitating migraine, and I’m back on my feet before I know it!

  • "That’s the thing about pain, it demands to be felt."  - John Green We all know too well how pain can affect our lives. I bet as your reading this you can feel that nagging spot that you have learned to endure! We are often told to “suck it up,” and when we suffer through the pain, we are praised for being “strong”.  Maybe that’s true with a stubbed toe, but living with chronic physical pain takes a major toll on our quality of life. It makes it hard to focus, and it stops us from doing the things we enjoy. Pain can make us feel like prisoners in our own bodies.

  • Being treated with acupuncture is a process.  The dosage of acupuncture depends on depend on many factors. You wouldn’t take one dose of antibiotics just once a week for 10 weeks or your nutritional supplement once a week to gain its beneficial effects…would you?

  • It was a big win for traditional Chinese medicine when Michael Phelps rocked cupping marks during the 2016 Olympics.  These strange purple circles sparked curiosity in the masses and started a lasting conversation about the health benefits of cupping.