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It’s a new year and most insurance plans are about to reset on January 1st.  That means it is a great time to get refreshed with your insurance plan options and a great opportunity to set up a care schedule in 2020.     Let’s talk about health insurance!!   It still shocks me how difficult it can be to navigate our healthcare insurance.  It wasn’t until I started taking courses on insurance billing that I truly started understand what healthcare benefits look like and how to use them. These classes were geared towards practitioners being able to bill insurance companies for their services but this basic knowledge is critical for anyone who has and uses insurance.     I’m no expert, but I’m here to help you navigate.  The best way to start this conversation is by breaking down terminology. So, here we go!   Deductibles.  Ugh.   Deductibles are specific dollar amounts that need to be met before insurance will kick in and start paying.  Basically, you pay out of your own pocket for the service until you hit your deductible total. You can think of them like financial hurdles.  Inconvenience for you, but convenient for the insurance company.     In-Network versus Out-of-Network Ask your provider.   Insurance plans generally have two separate

Facial Gua Sha tools have saturated our social media feeds. These beautiful and shapely pieces of stone have grown in popularity because you can get serious results!! And what was once only seen in a lovely jade stone can now be found in a variety of exotic stones. Shiny little treasures that whisper quietly to my pocketbook — “buy me!” Maybe you have heard these whispers too?! And maybe you have picked up a tool or two? Or maybe your are still unsure? No matter where you fall on the spectrum, this short and sweet article will help.

Cosmetic Acupuncture isn’t a quick fix. It is sort of like taking your face to the gym. You have to go a few times before you start to see results. But the results are real and your body is changing without injections or toxins! Not to mention that we address the whole person, and with every facial rejuvenation treatment you get a whole body treatment as well. On a heated bed. Surrounded by some zen tunes. And love.

Marijuana-derived products, CBD and THC, have taken the market by storm! All of a sudden, they are everywhere; even in the impulse-buy section at your local grocery store. Marijuana products aren’t something that you just smoke anymore. Now you can eat them, swallow them in a concentrated pill form, drink them in Kombucha, coffee, or tea, or rub them on your body in lotions and salves.